Architects can lead the way with creating affordable housing

Several countries around the world are trying to deal with housing crises. The issue is that populations are growing but building is not keeping pace. There are also issues such as a lack of viable space in big cities and the places where people want to live. This creates some big challenges. As one of the top architects London has, we would love to lead the way here. We feel that with good design and the right work from different shareholders, it is possible to create affordable housing for everyone. Continue reading

Designing the ideal casino

Architect LondonOur firm is one that has had the chance to tackle various projects for its clients. Because of our excellent work, we have become very familiar with all forms of architecture. As a result we are more than capable of participating in jobs that involve commercial and residential buildings. In addition, we can make sure the greatest architect London can offer is working on these endeavours. Continue reading