Building new worlds for real people

Aside from the designing, planning and construction that is involved with architecture, an architect also has an inherent responsibility for public safety. Every decision an architect makes regarding building structure and surroundings can have significant ramifications. Even though specialised training is of course something every professional architect needs to undertake, a genuine warmth and empathic approach needs to be present within any successful architectural firm in order to fully serve communities and spaces regardless of project size and location.

Architecture has now evolved to such a point that every aspect of the process is of equal importance. Architecture, despite its technicalities and business aspects, is essentially a form of creative art and expression. We respect and understand the fact that we are constructing new environments for people to exist within. A regard for humanity is an essential part of our success as architects in London. Residential homes and commercial environments need to meet every need and this respect must extend to other societal obligations and requirements.

The UK charity KIDS is an incredible organisation that supports disabled children, and in aid of their work many designers were asked to create a series of modern day dolls houses to support the needs of disabled youngsters. Our architects in London came up with an inclusive construction featuring a concrete house with a herb garden. The internal area featured a selection of oak rooms that the children are able to work on and insert into the concrete construction. An appreciation of the world around us and the people that occupy it is the key to great and empathic architecture and it involves seeing the entire outside as our collective garden. Important projects such as The Inside Out House convey the importance and relevance of architecture relating to community and the issues prevalent within it, and draw attention to the crucial concern of housing issues and support for families with children that have disabilities.

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