Ingenious ideas for designing small spaces

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For anyone residing in a small space, fitting in all your possessions is a challenge. An even bigger task is fitting everything in and making it look appealing. This is all part of the fun of designing a property like this however. You might live in a studio apartment or you may simply want more from a compact room. Regardless of your circumstances, you can use the following ideas to make things seem bigger.


You can try to shrink your dining table. The thing about small round tables is they are more compact and take up less room in breakfast nooks. Don’t choose a massive table that dominates the room. Instead, opt for a smaller design that will leave some additional space around it.

Be resourceful

It pays to be resourceful too. When there is not much room, people don’t usually want to purchase new, large furniture. In this case, it is a good idea to introduce wall sconces in order to save surface space. You could even choose a stool as your side table instead of a larger item.

An uplifting move

If you wish to set a happy mood inside a small room, using a pale turquoise hue would be ideal. This is one of the more cheerful colours out there. Stay away from deep, dark colours because they make spaces feel close.

At Coffey Architects, we have experience working on both small and large projects. With the best architects London has helping you, there will be no problem making the most of a space. Soon enough, you will be able to enjoy your home to the maximum.

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