Where will the light come from?

Every single property should have the right amount of light. If it doesn’t it can make spaces unpleasant and even affect the health of inhabitants. In a commercial or industrial setting it can also hurt productivity and focus. As some of the best architects London has, we know how vital a good light design scheme is. Clients can rely on us to create the right plan.

Where to start?

Many people get the lighting wrong because it is an afterthought. However, it is difficult and costly to change the placement of windows and fittings later. With this in mind you should think about it much earlier in the project. It is a wise idea to start when you are considering how you will use each room and the electrics.

There are several very important things to consider about each space in the property when you design it. For example:

What is the main use of the room and are there any other uses in addition to this?
What time of day will the room get the most use?
Are there any specific items in the room to highlight?
How does natural light enter the room and what direction will it take?

The best points for light

The last question is one of the most important points. Here you should think about the best locations for lights, including windows and any artificial lighting. Mark down where each of these will be and the path the light will take. You can then get an idea of how it will light up different areas.

While you are thinking about light placement, you should also consider where to put switches. They need to be easily accessible so that people don’t need to stumble through dimly lit spaces to find them. Think about placing them near doors and furniture like beds.

Work with a creative architect

Creating spaces that are beautifully lit is one of our main goals. In fact we go as far as to create models to show where light will enter a property and the path it can take. This helps us to determine the perfect location for windows, skylights, light fittings and more.

Coffey Architects has a passion for every type of architecture, from homes to modern offices and even public spaces like libraries and shops. To work with some of the top architects London can offer, contact us today.