How should I approach my driveway?

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Driveways may be the first thing people see when they approach your property. As a result, this is an essential aspect of creating that all-important first impression. The right drive can do more than add kerb appeal though. You can also use it to boost the value of your house. Specific substances like loose gravel can enhance security as well. As long as you plan and design your driveway properly, it should serve you brilliantly.


One element of planning is deciding how big the drive needs to be. Rules and regulations exist that define the minimum size of a front garden to include a driveway. For things to work practically though, yours must be 3m wide at least. This will enable you to bring in an average size car. If you want room for them to turn or need to park more cars, it has to be wider.


The most important detail here of course would be the materials you use. You need to choose them carefully because they can affect the aesthetics of the drive. In addition they may look out of place if they clash with your home, boundary walls, or even your neighbours’ drive.

Darker colour materials are appropriate for traditional and contemporary properties. They come in handy when trying to hide oil spills too. Lighter colours are good too but you need to consider the upkeep.

By mixing and matching modern materials, you can add interest to the design of your front garden. If your home’s exterior is full of detail, opt for a plainer finish. This way you won’t detract attention from it.

At Coffey Architects, we can help you plan out every last detail of your property. You may want us to focus on the driveway or somewhere else. Whatever it is you desire, we can provide it.

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