Have you considered open plan living for your space?

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Open floor plans are incredibly popular for home layouts. This is thanks to the numerous wonderful features they offer. We look at some of the best ones below.

A choice you won’t regret

It can be great to use an open floor plan when designing a new home. These layouts are popular because of the fact that they create the illusion of a space that is bigger than it is. Furthermore, it can brighten your home by reducing the number of walls in the way that block sunlight and views of the outdoors.

One huge room

A lot of people want to create somewhere that feels like a single large space. If this is what you want to achieve, you need to remove any distractions and eyesores. Then, finish with wall paper or paint and flooring that is similar. All of this will work together for a flush and modern space.

A veranda

Another popular feature to include when designing a home is a veranda. With an open plan, you can create a seamless transition from your indoor space to the outdoors. Verandas bring many positive effects when you include them in the design. For example, this will add to the value of your home and offer you even more space.


An open plan creates the illusion that your room is bigger than it actually is. Additionally, you can feel closer to nature through using bigger floor to ceiling windows with minimal lines. This will invite a wealth of natural sunlight to flood your space and enable you to enjoy the landscapes around your home.

The right choice of architect

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