What is an Artisan home?

More and more people are looking to create Artisan homes rather than sticking to boring old designs. However that leaves many others wondering what this kind of home actually is. We would love to explain it. In fact, as an architect London clients love working with, we have a lot of experience designing these properties.

Distinctive and luxurious

Architect LondonThe first thing that will strike you about an Artisan home is they are all distinctive. The goal here is for the property to tell a story. It should be a celebration of the lifestyle and tastes of the residents. In fact the designs can explore their style and personalities. Because people are so unique, the homes they create should be too.

Another thing you will see with these homes is luxury touches. The materials, fittings, and features will likely all be luxurious. You should be able to see the quality in everything, from tiles on the walls and floors to appliances in kitchens. It is also likely you will find custom furnishings with a little extra style.

The floor plan

Artisan homes also tend to have very distinct floor plans. The whole idea with these properties is to maximise functionality to suit the lifestyle of the inhabitants. With that in mind you will find each space has a specific floor plan. Every space will be thoughtful and have a great design. There should be no areas in the property that feel like an afterthought.


A walk through an Artisan home should show you that everything is to a consistent standard. There should be no areas in the property that deviate from this. It should all come together to create a really great feeling and atmosphere.

Talk to an architect in London

If you want to design your dream home you need to remember that it is perfectly fine to celebrate your lifestyle and wishes. In fact it would be a shame if you didn’t do this. Coffey Architects can help. We give you the chance to explore exactly what you want for your home. We can put a great deal of time into this to get all the tiny details right.

So, if you want an Artisan home, talk to an architect London clients always rate highly. We design homes for people, making projects a proper success.