Ideas for larger gardens

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It is the dream of countless people to own a huge garden. Gardens like this are capable of augmenting a property and offer an incredibly pleasing setting. On the other hand, you might favour gardening your large plot and keeping everything looking great. Whatever your preference, the important thing is to ensure that everything goes according to plan.


It is crucial to plan at an early phase so you don’t make expensive mistakes. Huge gardens always mean bigger quantities. This could be plants for your borders, gravel for your paths, or stone for the terrace. It is best not to side step the planning of your garden. After all, it will pay for itself several times over.

Contrasting areas

You should consider producing contrasting areas as well. People are often tempted to present the whole plot to the viewer all at once. However, you may be better off shielding locations from your eye and producing alluring glimpses through. This will encourage exploration. Locales close to the home need to take cues from your architecture. You also need to take care to logically line up elements with views from doors and windows.

Think about the centre

Don’t be scared of the centre either. Make certain you don’t push all the structures and planting towards your plot’s edges. Many people believe this makes the space feel bigger. Yet, it has a habit of leading our eyes right to the boundaries. A better plan is to use planting or hedging border to separate space in a softer manner or position structures centrally.

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