Award winning design from the leading architect London has

Coffey Architects, led by the vibrant and dynamic founder Phil Coffey, do not actively seek out praise, recognition or awards beyond those of meeting and exceeding the expectations of the valued clients approaching the practice for architectural design and building project management. The commitment to quality the team has, though, has seen awards and recognition credited to them, perhaps simply as a natural consequence of their dedication. The recognition that Coffey Architects receives, be it the respected Stephen Lawrence and RIBA Awards, the recent selection for the prestigious 2014 Retrofit Awards or being crowned with the Young Architect Of The Year title in 2012, is something that the team are understandably proud of. They do, however, believe that this recognition should only be used to underline their commitment and dedication to bringing into being the hopes and aspirations of those seeking to find the leading architect London has available.

As a RIBA Chartered Practice, Coffey Architects work not only to the levels of quality and high standard you would expect, but actively seek to exceed them. When they undertake a new project, be it a conversion of an existing property or the design of a new, multi-levelled commercial building, they do so in an all-embracing, completely committed way. The team extols a culture of excellence, expressed with their involvement in the end-to-end process of delivering project success. From the initial, provisional discussion of ideas through to the final finishing touch being put on construction completion, Coffey Architects are informed and involved at every level required to ensuring the successful realisation of architectural work.

An assumption some might make is that attaining the services of the leading and most recognized architect London has comes at a premium, with a sense of “spare no expense” associated with award winning architectural work. The truth is, in fact, far removed from this assumption. The practice are particularly sensitive to the economic realities of life in London in the 21st Century. Whereas no one is for a moment going to pretend that significant, lasting and appropriate architectural work can be undertaken cheaply, this does not by default mean that it must be exceptionally expensive. Coffey Architects have a proud record in regards of being able to meet, often beat, even the most stringent and demanding of budget constraints.

For many the idea of being able to enlist the services of the most successful architect London has may well be possible only in a dream. The reality is that award winning architectural services are within reach. Coffey Architects are committed to considering and undertaking all projects, working with you to make sure your hopes, ideas and aspirations are met.