With a large scope for creativity we can create something beautiful for every client

There is one incontrovertible fact about architecture. It is all about creation. The creative process gives us so many things of beauty. Sculptures, sonnets, scenes that move us and never leave us. The principle is the same whatever the medium. Something that begins as a small seed, an idea with a tiny heartbeat, can grow and evolve into something overwhelming and breath-taking. If you have ever stood in front of an awesome building and had a visceral response then you will readily understand the motivation behind Coffey Architects and why we strive so hard to indulge in our creative passions and contribute tangible things of beauty to the world.

We believe that we are the architects London clients need as we are loaded with innovative desire and are free from limitations. We have successfully undertaken many residential, public and commercial projects and every single one has received the same amount of meticulous attention, care and respect. We take on an abundance of domestic projects throughout the UK and can assist any aesthetic ambition. When you have an idea for your home it can be as exciting as the picture forms in your mind’s eye. It is our mission to construct and transform that picture into a reality. We have the greatest respect for every aspect of architecture from the importance of significant location to historical elements and we have extensive experience working with listed homes and properties in conservation areas.

We place great value in working with a vast number of public institutions such as educational establishments, libraries, theatres, cinemas and galleries. The central aim of these projects is to work successfully along with multiple stakeholders in order to create beneficial and unique solutions for public use.

The size of a project is simply never an issue. All creation is uniquely important and large or small they all receive the highest standard of work. We have undertaken large scale projects on a domestic and international basis including five star hotels and masterplans in Bangladesh and China to name a few.

Planning permission can present complexities and obstruction but we have a staggering amount of success when securing the appropriate permission for our clients and we are pleased to have worked with several planning authorities including all that occupy the central London boroughs.

It matters not the idea you have. We can bring your vision to life due to our commitment to originality and innovation.  Our design team work closely with you in house in order to provide you with clarity and an accurate expression of their ideas and capabilities. Every party involved can enjoy an enriching and rewarding experience as when people share their loves and passions it contributes to an increased sense of creativity and the sky becomes the limit. We are the architects London clients and developers can trust in to take an empathic approach to their project along with affording the greatest respect to their schedule and budget.