We can transform the home you have into the home you want

When it comes to altering residential architecture, for example by extending or renovating it, creative thinking is required. For a number of reasons, including budget and space constraints, expanding and extending a property can be difficult. At Coffey Architects we are a design practice dedicated to understanding these constraints. We have an outstanding name and reputation as one of the leading choices for anybody in need of an architect in London, as we are renowned for being able to work effectively and creatively even under restrictions.

Loft conversions are a frequently considered and used option for people who want to gain more living space. In the majority of cases a loft conversion does not feature a change to the exterior structure in terms of size or substantial rebuilding, with it being only the inside of a property which is altered and renovated. Showing that the alterations will be structurally sound and not put yours or adjacent buildings at risk is usually the only requirement for permission to be granted.

With Coffey Architects you are always assured that plans and projects are designed and delivered that only enhance, not take away from, the important structural strength status of your property. By converting, refurbishing and altering the interior of your home, you can transform the space you have in your home into the rooms you want. When you are working with our skilled architects in London, there’s no reason for you not to change the dimensions, outlay and location of the rooms in your home.

We always seek to serve your needs and requirements by being among the most creative and adaptive architects in London. We build empathic relationships with those who use our skills to transform their homes and properties. In gaining an acute understanding of your needs and aspirations, we are able to inspire your thinking, support your ideas and deliver the changes which create the home you want to have in place.