Working with architects

The word architect is one that numerous people associate with projects that are of a large scale and high in cost. Any type of building work, from home extensions to new homes and offices to commercial buildings, all require architectural planning and design.

A question on everyone’s lips when searching for an architect is “what qualities do I need to look for?”. With all professions, accreditation and qualifications are a crucial factor in your decision when considering architectural firms. RIBA, otherwise known as The Royal Institute of British Architects, is the internationally recognised body that validates architectural practices, giving their clients reassurance and peace of mind. Qualifying for RIBA is not for all practices and is only for those who guarantee a fine level of service.

At Coffey Architects we are proud to hold the RIBA honour of distinction and deliver exceptional results for all clients. Architectural know-how is vital when it comes to construction and building work so it’s important to choose a quality form. With a RIBA practice you can always be assured that you’re working with skilled architects.

A worry for many people is the fact that their architect may impose their own vision on a project, rather than taking your ideas and putting them into practice. The answer to this question is only if you wish them to. Our architects in London will always take your ideas and needs into account when creating plans and providing management, while giving expert advice and delivering alternate recommendations that they feel are necessary.

We consistently engage with clients to make sure that they’re completely aware of both the negatives and positives of any of the aspirations of a project. We’re always bringing ideas to the table and working in partnership. Call today for more information if you are looking to work with a highly knowledgable architect in London.