Constructing a house in affordable ways

Whenever they need first rate architects London residents come to us. People know that they can trust in our ability to see their projects through to the end. We never lose sight of the client’s goals. Moreover, we always suggest alternate solutions if we believe they would work better.

Designing your own home

An increasing number of people are thinking about constructing houses of their own design. Because of this, construction and architectural design are larger concerns. When projects overshoot the budget or go off schedule, it can cause lots of issues. Therefore, good plans and proper time management are integral. Both can lower the total costs.

Your aim may be affordable and cost-efficient home design. It takes effort to be successful here. However, the following is crucial info that can help you.

Simple details

We will begin with simplicity in detailing. A home’s details usually depend on a person’s style. However, it can influence the total price of a project. Thus, you should keenly examine it in your attempt to create a cost effective and affordable house.

Straight out details can increase the price rapidly. Examples of these include several wood castings that surround windows. There is something important you have to understand here though. It is that simplicity in detail does not mean the structure is going to be a lower quality.


It’s also vital to think about using technology. These days, there are many building technologies that can assist people in keeping the building costs down. The tech includes small wind turbines, smart shutters, and solar panels. Cutting edge framing techniques have come into play as well. They offer quicker and cheaper construction. They also save energy at the same time.

At Coffey Architects, we can help you with constructing a house in an affordable manner. Not everyone has the budget necessary to build a huge home. Fortunately, we have the knowledge and talent to find a solution for any space and cost constraints.

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