Developments in sustainable architecture

Sustainable architecture refers to the aim of a particular architectural design to reduce the negative impact a property possesses from an environmental perspective. When sustainable architecture is implemented it consciously approaches the design of a new building with a specific regard for energy and ecological conservation. At the heart of the ideology that we know as environmentalism is the protection of the planet and its resources for the future generations that will follow us, and sustainable architecture serves to support that. As responsible architects in London, we are always dedicated to improving the sustainability of our designs whenever possible and are committed to operating in an eco friendly way.

The expression “passive house” originates from Germany and it represents the willing standard of a building’s energy efficiency. This deliberate reduction in the size of the ecological footprint left by a property is not limited to residential buildings as the standard is often applied to other kinds of constructions such as offices, educational establishments and supermarkets.

Europe is the dominant part of the world when it comes to passive house constructions and from the conception and building of the first residences in 1990 we now estimate a number of certified structures that exceeds 25,000 throughout the continent. The creative medium that is architecture does not exist separately of the sustainable form. It is in itself an example of a design process that when required can be combined with any form of architectural design.

A passive house may feature high levels of thermal insulation, triple glazing, solar panels and other energy efficient elements. The houses turn out to be incredibly cost effective as the nature of the design dispenses with the need for any traditional heating system, which means that any spare financing can be directed towards the rest of the house and its environmentally friendly and energy saving intentions.

The erection of more houses like this would eventually result in an inevitable decrease in the demand for energy and all would reap the benefits of low heating prices. The cost of construction is reconciled almost immediately following occupancy due to the reduction in energy costs. Our architects in London are inspired by measures such as these and we incorporate as many sustainable features into our designs as we can in order to save our clients money and reduce impact on the environment.