A little over a month until WAF

This is an exciting new event for every architect in London and throughout the world. The World Architecture Festival, otherwise known as WAF, begins in around one month in Singapore and will feature a keynote speech by Ole Scheeren, a great talent in the architecture industry. This year’s theme is Architects and the City and is focused on the relationship between urbanism, architecture, and architects. Other speakers of notable importance who will be present include Rocco Yim, Moshe Safdie and Richard Rogers who will all give their professional options on the 2014 theme.

Many of the world’s most influential architects will be at the festival discussing their defining and career changing moments. The festival takes place from October 1st-3rd and recognises some of the world’s most prominent architecture projects. It promises to be an interesting and memorable event.

For this year, the main conference will focus on the contributions that architects can make to cities and how they’re affected by infrastructure, politics, technology, and planning communities. A new session named “Starting from Scratch” will discuss the issues surrounding programs of new towns and there will also be an exhibition of some of the most extraordinary and experimental materials and their possible uses. We are looking forward to seeing what takes place at the festival and taking inspiration from all of the key speakers.