What materials are chimneys made out of?

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Chimney systems are an integral part of many homes. For one thing, they add a wonderful sense of character. In addition, they are actually critical if you intend to enjoy the advantages of a woodburning stove or real fire. Our intention for this post is to discuss some of the important details with these systems. Specifically, we are going to focus on the materials people use most commonly to create them.

The materials

Architect LondonBoth flues and chimneys come in a plethora of materials. Examples include plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, concrete, clay, and pumice. The latter three are known collectively as masonry chimneys.

Plastic is a very interesting option. However, you are only able to use them with low-temperature condensing appliances. They may not have the heat resistance to withstand hotter systems.

Stainless steel chimney liners and systems are the most popular choice for gas-fired installations. This is because the metal is strong, long lasting, and has good heat resistance.

Pumice and clay chimney systems are appropriate for use with oil and gas, multi-fuel, and wood appliances. As a result, they tend to be the most common choice overall. Factory-produced pumice, ceramic, and clay chimney installation are usually reserved for new builds. This is because they usually demand strong foundations to support the weight. However, there are many cases when you can retrofit them too. You just need to ensure the existing foundation can bear the load.

Whatever type of project you choose, it is always important to ask an expert to design your chimney. They can look at the appliance you will be using and decide what would be the safest option. Plus, they can give you advice about things like upkeep. You need to think about this as poorly kept chimneys can be a big fire hazard.

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