What is a light partition wall?

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Wall categories

Architects LondonIn relation to their function, walls are either non-load bearing or load bearing variants. The latter is part of the building’s structure. It holds everything up. With the former, it is merely a partition that separates rooms and spaces. You are often able to demolish a wall if it is non-load bearing. As for load bearing walls, it is the opposite. You may only be able to remove them if you introduce new structural support such as steel beams.

The majority of multi-storey structures have non-load bearing walls and structural frames. As for residential structures, as well as all wood frame buildings, they are usually load bearing walls of the balloon or platform frame types.

One type of wall we would like to discuss is the light partition wall. It is important to know what it is and what you can do with them.

A light and quick to build wall

As its name implies, this wall is low weight. What it means is that you don’t need to rest the walls on pre-planned beams. You can position them anywhere. They permit you to have superior flexibility with layouts. Also, they are definitely non-structural in nature.

Since their construction is dry, these partition walls don’t use water or cement. Thus, they cause minimal disturbance due to how quickly you can construct them. This is why people also refer to them as drywall partitions. You construct light partition walls by building a frame first. Then, you cover it using boards or sheets. You are free to fill the gap using insulating material if you wish. The frames are typically made of wood or, more commonly, light galvanised steel sections.

One thing you need to note here though is that the partitions won’t always be non-load bearing. When a building ages it tends to settle. This can cause a slight change in the loading. As a result it can put some pressure on to partition walls. You need to be careful of this, especially if you plan to adapt them.

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