What you need to know about glass box extensions

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A striking extension

A contemporary glass box extension is a bold design statement. It can make your home look even better and will flood your space with plenty of natural light. An extension like this can increase the value whilst also improving the ambiance of your home.

What you need to know

You will need to ensure that the design allows for an extension that flows with the rest of your home. You might also want to speak to your architect about insulation and energy-saving measures. An extension that uses glass and aluminium can be a lot more durable and high quality than a traditional uPVC conservatory.

What about planning permission?

Gaining planning permission for a glass box extension is the same as getting it for a typical one. This is as long as it is in fact an extension and won’t be at the front of the property. In some cases your permitted development rights will cover the work. However, you will need planning permission if the building is listed or in a conservation area. You will have to show that the new addition keeps the original period aesthetics in mind.

A brilliant investment

Glass is fantastic for preserving historical parts of a building. You can use this kind of extension to combine different areas of your home and create a great flow. Furthermore, this can be an addition to properties that will allow an amazing view.

A glass box extension can provide your property with more space while also adding to the character. As a result, you will have a space that adds financial as well as personal value to your home. The Coffey Architects team can provide you with a specialist design for your space and tailor it to your unique needs. Whatever the project, if it requires an architect London clients should look no further than us.

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