The significance of architectural lighting for the night

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Architecture has to think about light in its design. After all, lighting feeds our vision, which is one of our main senses. However, the sun will eventually set. Therefore, you must consider what happens to the structure when this occurs. A building has to transport its architectural language via meaning, beauty, and function. It needs to do so even at night.

Designs can change at night

In truth, certain buildings can come “alive” after the sun sets. For example, they can exhibit their functional elements, material textures, and geometric forms in new ways. A building’s night-time personality could generate a whole new sense of place. The architectural character could radiate a very different light.

You must think about the design of the architectural lighting if you want to enable night-time use. The right type of light and placement can make architectural aspects stand true to their 3D configurations. It can do so with elements like light direction and materiality through the colour.

The lighting must work during the day

Furthermore, light fixtures need to operate well with a structure’s features during the day. As a result, choosing the correct lighting is as much about fixtures as it is ensuring they will work at night.

The integration between architecture and lighting is a delicate balance. If you design it correctly, it can make a building exude beauty and also support the function.

At Coffey Architects, we are experts on all the elements of a property. This puts us in the ideal position to assist you with the light design and more. We shall make certain that you make the most of it.

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