What could post pandemic towns and cities look like?

Towns and cities across the UK have been much quieter than normal over the past year because of coronavirus. Many of them will never get back to normal as businesses cease trading and people choose to work remotely permanently. This could leave behind a lot of empty properties. However, it could allow a redesign of these locations. That could lead to the creation of more homes and amenities. As an architect London clients rely on to deliver innovative ideas, we appreciate there could be lots of opportunities here.

Repurposing buildings

Architect LondonThere have already been a number of projects in the UK to change old commercial buildings into homes. This could continue with even more properties becoming available. Redevelopments could give them a new lease of life as homes. Many of them could add housing in locations where traditional supply is not keeping pace with demand.

This kind of project is useful for more reasons than simply creating more housing. It is also much better for the environment and the carbon footprint of urban areas. A redesign is a much greener option than demolition and replacement. It could repurpose a building, making it more eco friendly in the process.


The pandemic could also make people think about how to redesign urban spaces to make them better for people. One thing that could be really helpful is creating broader streets with more space for people. This would reduce density and allow some level of social distancing to continue in the future. In turn that could reduce the risk of another virus spreading so quickly.

Another thing that could change is the amount of open space in these urban areas. The need for parks and green spaces became very obvious in towns and cities during previous lockdowns. Sadly huge numbers of people need to use them because they lack their own outdoor space at home. Crowding here could increase the risk of widespread illness. However, there may be an opportunity to redesign many towns and cities to create new parks and green spaces.

Talk to an architect in London

Coffey Architects is a team that would love to help redesign urban areas. There are lots of opportunities and great designs could really help to enhance these spaces. At the same time, the work could benefit the lives and wellbeing of residents while also protecting the environment.

If you want help from an architect, London has few names that can offer as much as we do. Our team are passionate, creative experts. Whether it is designing homes, commercial buildings or public properties, we always look to deliver incredible designs. So, why not contact us today and let us know what you have in mind?