The Royal Institute of British Architects

RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects, has a rich history and is the most prestigious architectural institution operating in Great Britain today. Many great architects have been and are members of RIBA, their work setting the high standard for British architecture. We are architects in London serving clients throughout the world with our dedication and our passion for delivering great architecture. We are proud to be a chartered practice, and our reputation for excellence has been cemented with having won various awards offered by the Institute.

Formed and founded in 1834 as the Institute of British Architects, it was awarded a Royal Charter in 1837. This granted it the current name that it uses: Royal Institute of British Architects. In 1848, they were awarded the Royal Gold Medal by Queen Victoria, which would go on to take its place as an annual award for the most accomplished architects. In 1894, the first RIBA Journal was published, a publication which continues to prove of great importance to the architectural industry in Britain. In 1996, the Stirling Prize was inaugurated and in 2009, RIBA celebrated their 175th anniversary and continue to go strong. In 2014, RIBA opened London’s first architectural gallery, open to the public and allowing them to experience the many architectural developments made here over the years.

RIBA also run bookshops, stocking thousands of publications based around architecture, design and construction. These bookshops and the books that they hold allow the current and future generations of architects in and around Britain to tap into the knowledge needed to become successful. On top of this, RIBA hosts and runs a wide number of awards, many of which are highly sought after. These awards include the coveted Royal Gold Medal, the Stephen Lawrence Prize, and the Stirling Prize.

As architects in London, we continue to grow from strength to strength with every passing year. We have a strong relationship with RIBA and are also the recipients of several awards. We have won the RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize, securing it in 2011. In the same year, we also managed to win the RIBA London Award. In 2012, we secured a double RIBA award as well. Our many awards compliment our status as a Chartered Member, which demands only the highest quality architecture from the architect.

All of the awards that we have won allow our culture of excellence to grow and further solidify our reputation as some of the most inventive and dynamic architects in London. We continue to aim high with our work and do everything possible to continue to live up to the high standards of RIBA.

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