Competitions and submissions

We pride ourselves on abiding by a culture of excellence. As a part of this, we regularly enter competitions across the country in an effort to display our work for a variety of means and good causes. Our team of architects, helmed by the award winning architect in London, Phil Coffey, pride themselves on creating excellent designs and ensuring that only the best work is submitted. It is this drive to be the best that has us aiming to impress in whatever competitions we enter.

Many competitions were for good causes, while some simply challenged us to break the mould and create truly unique visions. One of the more unique designs that we provided was that of the Virgin Eye, for the Guerilla Tactics Conference in 2011. This live pitch was regarding a hotel on the moon located at Sinus Medii, where it would constantly face the Earth. Our concept involved envisioning what a possible hotel could look like on the moon, how it would operate, and possible transportation to such a hotel.

Another concept we came up with was a bridge to replace the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. Our architects envisioned a bridge made with mirrored cladding to give it an almost chameleon-like appearance which helps it disappear during the day, yet re-appear with an ethereal glow at night. It also allows pedestrians to walk over the bridge, giving them excellent views of Avon Gorge without being interrupted or disrupted by cars.

We have also submitted designs to improve locations and staples of Britain. One example of this is the Kite, which we designed as a new monument for Liverpool. This unique monument is a ride that slowly rises and spins as it does to give the riders a comprehensive view of Liverpool. Once it rises to the top, it delivers an audio-visual experience that allows the riders to experience Liverpool in the past and the future. Our vision would, hopefully, be adopted by various other times across the UK who have a history as rich as Liverpool’s as a means of combining past, present and future.

We are proud to have contributed our ideas and expertise to a wide variety of competitions and causes, and will continuously look to do so for as long as we work as an architect in London. We proudly offer our services to clients not only in the capital, but all over the world. Whether a competition or an independent project, our team will provide nothing less than complete dedication to the project at hand.

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