Sensitively altering and adapting historic properties

Our work is based on a fundamental belief that creation should know no bounds. We do not perceive architecture as buildings and structures that exist independently of society. We believe that buildings should reflect and support the nature of their surroundings and be a part of the way people function. We have been proud to participate in many public projects that have resulted in the creation of outstanding architectural structures and empathic solutions.

The Queen’s College is a constituent college of the University of Oxford. Founded in 1341, we can distinguish the building by its predominantly neoclassical architecture. It boasts the education of an almost endless list of British talent, including Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. The proposals we devised for the Queen’s College were specifically intended to add warmth and practicality to the entrance area. We wanted to enhance the welcoming atmosphere with some graceful elegance. We needed it to successfully correlate with the impressive classical composition of the building, and ensure that the design worked in a city that demonstrates examples of every English architectural period since the arrival of the Saxons.

When we create a proposal for alterations to an existing building, it is crucial that we strive to preserve the original charm and enduring character of the property. In this case, we were able to implement a series of sensationally crafted inserts that did nothing to detract from the symmetry of the front quad. It was vitally important to increase functionality without negatively impacting the historic space. Our proposal of new furniture elements of black and oak promote greater control access for the porters, along with delivering facilities for visitors to comfortably wait and embrace the educational and majestic aspects of this historic building. Additionally, the furniture and use of space allows for the practical requirements of the day to day functioning of the institution.

Our architects in London are without limitations and we successfully complete commercial, residential and public projects for all manner of clients. We employ various teams that dedicate themselves to differing projects. Our entire body of staff incorporates creative talent and focused ambition. We apply an equal amount of dedication to every client regardless of size and project. Our work takes us to various locations and the glory comes from the finished results and the eternal mark we have contributed to. From building the beautiful and original homes that people have visualised, to the construction of lavish offices and hotels at the other side of the world, our work is a process that targets the acquisition of fantastic results every time. For our architects in London, this involves the application of passion, concentration and love for every single stage of the creative process.

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