Choose a simple roof design and avoid double-height entrances

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Architect LondonHomes with the ability to stand out can be a very good thing. However, this is only the case if you do things properly. Properties with a wonderful design can be beautiful without you needing to use any tricks. In many instances, simplicity is the way forward. Additionally, keeping things streamline can result in savings that you can reinvest into other areas of the home.

You can apply a number of general principles to the majority of structures. By understanding them, you will come to realise why certain house designs feel better than others. Read on to discover more.

Keep things straightforward

For one thing, you should go for a simple roof design. These sorts of designs are easier to construct. Not to mention, they look more pleasing than roofs with endless steps and gables.

Think about your roof from the earliest phases of your floor plan design. The longer frames are on your roofing, the bigger the chance that your home shall cost more to build and preserve.


The front door is integral to making a great first impression. Almost every visitor is going to engage with it. They will then step foot into your entrance area. What you may want to do is avoid double-height spaces here. Many people don’t react well to them because of the height.

Ideally what you need to think about is the whole entrance space and wider property. A double-height entrance can be good in smaller homes because it will create a better sense of space. However, you need to be careful not to make it feel too overwhelming or empty and bland.

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