Coming up with architectural concepts

Our team is one that is full of professional and friendly individuals who work hard to satisfy their clients. In fact, people consider us to be the greatest architects London has to offer. The structures we create aren’t simply useful however. They are also some of the most beautiful ones you can find.

How do you decide on a concept?

Architects London - conceptIn architecture, there are all kinds of ways of coming up with a concept. You can obtain them from almost anything. Examples include analysis, research, emotions, and personal experiences. We have several ideas that you can use as starting points. What we will say though is you must tie these back to your own thought processes in order to fashion a meaningful approach.


It is possible for you to use the typography of your site to create numerous conceptual approaches. This includes how the site uses its context, how it is perceived, and its structural approach.

For instance, a steep site demands a strong structural concept from the start. As a result you can address the challenges and create a property to suit the site. On the other hand, with a flat site you may want to tackle the exposure. It is the same with how the building connects with its west, north, south, and east facing aspects.

Form and volume

Something you might want to begin with is a straightforward form and volume study. Here, you can experiment and look into how you can influence negative and positive areas.

By itself, this method won’t be enough to manufacture and ground a significant architectural proposal. Therefore, you should make certain you accompany it with one other approach at least.

Top architects based in London

At Coffey Architects, we have a plethora of driving concerns. These include light, culture, and people. We are open when looking at them and ensure we are not restricted to a single style either. Instead, we tailor our methods to the space, wishes, and needs at hand.

If you would like to do business with the best architects London has, please contact us. We also suggest you look at our website to get a better idea of our work. You can see right away how bright and wonderful our projects are.