Perfecting the living room

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Celebrating character

The ideal living room speaks to the owner’s character. When you design it correctly, you will have a functional space that incorporates the living portion of the room. There are several intricacies if you want to craft a space like this. It is vital for you to balance comfort with the connection your furniture has with the room. In addition, there are little personal nuances you can use to add more depth and function.

Accent and contrasting

One thing you will want to do is tie spaces together using accent tables. You will require a focal point when creating your living room. One recurring focal point is a coffee table. This is because they contrast with the largest piece of furniture, which is the sofa. Artistically shaped or aged coffee tables are preferable if you want to grab attention. It is even possible for you manufacture your own DIY table to bring in a personal touch.

Try adding contrast using flooring, a rug and pillows too. Eventually, your living room shall start coming together. However, you will still have to make it pop in a few essential ways. After you define the primary colour schemes, you need to add the contrast. Try to choose little touches that speak to the owner’s personality. You can also take advantage of architectural features to add more style.

Working with us

At Coffey Architects, we have years of experience in working with domestic structures. You may need us to concentrate on the living room or another specific area. We would be more than happy to do this.

Our goal is to be the architect London clients have complete confidence in. This is why we always work on improving our skills and tackling issues. If you need to speak to us about anything, feel free to get in touch.