Thoughtful architecture takes the environment into account

Energy performance is a key factor for all architects in London and throughout the world. Home owners are more focused than ever on protecting the environment and ensuring their properties are cheap to run. People continue to explore new materials, energy reduction techniques and take a closer look at sustainability. On top of this designers are also taking the time to consider the spaces around properties and how both elements will come together. With rapid development and urbanisation it is easy to forget that humans need to be around greenery, especially in large cities.

There are countless success stories about properties that try something different and achieve great results in terms of energy consumption and the level of damage to the environment. Whether it is domestic properties, large skyscrapers or public buildings architecture has matured and is considering much more than the looks and interior of a property.

One of the most impressive projects to date is the Virido Zero Carbon House. The project is designed as a prototype for sustainable living and shows the amazing results that can be attained. There are two four bedroom semi-detached houses, each with the latest in green technologies incorporated into them. The systems work to ensure the properties are completely sustainable, causing as little damage to the environment as possible and also enrich the health and wellbeing of residents. Properties are set to be finished in November.

The Virido Zero Carbon House will exceed the Code for Sustainable Homes and designers hope it starts a new trend in building techniques when the results of its performance are revealed. With more attention on thoughtful architecture in big cities and sustainable domestic properties the response to the project is eagerly anticipated.

If you’re planning a new build or any work on your home it is wise to consider the sustainability and how you can enrich your home life by adopting green technologies. Our architects in London are accomplished at taking the environment into account with projects and we have worked with clients from all across London and further afield. We are happy to offer help and advice, whether it is about the design, materials or low-energy building concepts.

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