Quick and easy ways of making the building more attractive

Tackling an architectural project of any nature is not easy. However, we are a firm with plenty of experience in this area. Over the previous decade, we have built quite a reputation. People now consider us a first class company that only settles for the best. As a result, we are one of the finest architects London has to offer.

Everyone wants to make their buildings look more attractive. Yet, not everyone has a lot of time on their hands. Thankfully, we know of several simple and quick methods you can use to make those changes.


One approach you can take is to hide those awkward elements with the “non-colour”. This is the colour of objects that don’t want to draw attention. Battleships are good examples. This colour doesn’t care what the rest of the structure’s material palette is. It should not work overly hard to coordinate either. If it does, it will end up being part of the broader comparison.

It is easier to “visually erase” utilitarian fencing, sheds, and doors than it is to beautify them. In most instances, dark neutral grey paint shall push any hideous features into the background.

Clean the glass

Glass is a fantastic material for many reasons. However, the downside of this is that it shows dirt very easily. The light can hit it from different angles and showcase all of the dirt. To make it look nicer, keep on top of cleaning it. Take care to wash the windows properly, ensuring you don’t leave streaks behind. Simply cleaning your windows can also limit HVAC costs.


Last but not least, invest in some directional signs. They can provide lots of benefits, including making it easier for people to make their way around the property. Additionally, they are a fantastic chance for landscape elements. You can choose a design you love so that it enhances the building. However, just make sure the instructions are clear.

At Coffey Architects, our team is constantly growing. Since this is the case, we find ourselves being able to take on more complex projects. Our efforts have seen us win various awards as well, including the RIBA National Award and Civic Trust Award.

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