Considering context and light, home and away

Here at Coffey Architects, context and light are our primary concerns with every design. We aim to bring more natural light into each of our builds, while adapting available outdoor space into accessible social areas and considering the context of each build. This ability has helped to establish us as a popular architect London clients love working with.

When designing the Cloister, a new office building for the Qingdao Iron & Steel Company in China, we conducted extensive environmental research regarding the local area. We found that as a result of the areas heavy industrialisation, the air was dense with particulates and other pollutants that reduced the air quality. Our designs were adapted to reflect these results. The building’s exterior features brick and glass with a dark coating that is less vulnerable to deterioration as a result of pollutants, without compromising on the buildings aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, we incorporated an elevated indoor walkway, shielded in metal and glass to convey a light, open feel. This walkway means that the CEO need not go outside in order to escort visitors through the building. For employees, the site includes multiple outdoor courtyards that feature greenery and take seasonal weather habits into account – with sweltering summers and freezing winters, there is always an outdoor space for employees to socialise no matter the climate.

As for a project closer to home, we were invited to refurbish the Science Museum in London. The brief requested a design that was efficient, cost effective, comfortable, and most importantly, well-lit. With our key focuses of considering context and introducing light into an indoor area, we created a multi-use library that presents a comforting and welcoming environment.

The final build features a double-layered perforated screen that produces a dappled effect – reminiscent of the way light filters through a tree canopy. This idea was inspired by the story of how Isaac Newton developed the concept of gravity; how an apple fell from the tree he was perched beneath and landed on his head.

At Coffey Architects we aim to create unique designs for each build, suitable for their respective environments. Both designs, home and away, manage to introduce natural light into often dark indoor environments. For other examples of how we have brought natural light into the workplace, public areas, and homes, browse our website.

If you want to work with an architect London based clients praise very highly please choose us.