Designing the perfect roof for your property

Many people will argue that the roof is the most vital part of any building. If the design is wrong it can cause all kinds of issues and ultimately threaten the stability of the structure. It is also important to remember it is crucial for the aesthetics. What you should do is talk to an expert who can help with the design. Coffey Architects is a great option here. In fact, we are one of the top choices for an architect London can offer.

Where to begin?

When you design a roof you need to start off by looking at the regulatory requirements and standards. There may be rules dictating what kind of roofs you can have in particular areas.

The slope

Architect LondonOne of the things that can differentiate roofs is the degree of slope. There are lots of options here, from really shallow slopes that almost look flat to pronounced, steep pitches.

When you design the roof you need to think about how much water there is to displace. If it is a high amount you will likely need a steeper pitch. However, you can choose a shallower design if you live in an area with a warmer, drier climate.

It is also important to think about other types of weather, particularly snow. If you live in an area where snow is common and it can build up quickly, a roof mush have a steep pitch so that does not happen. This cannot be allowed as the extra weight can cause the roof to collapse.


One of the things that make us an architect London client love working with is we can look at all kinds of materials. There are lots of options for roofs. For example you can use different things for the supporting structure, including steel framework, timber, and even concrete. Then you have a lot of choice with the covering too. You may decide to choose traditional tiles, steel sheeting, or composite materials.


Another important thing to think about with the roof design is what kind of features you want. A flat roof with a minimal slope might be perfectly fine for you. However, on the other hand you may want things like gables, eaves, and eye catching ridges and hips.

Loft space

You should also think about whether you want any kind of loft space. Most people will want some form of it when they are designing their own home because it can be useful for storage or extra rooms. However, it is less likely for commercial buildings. If you do want to create this kind of space, you need to think about how the roof design will affect it. A steep pitch may make it very tall and narrower.

Design your roof with a top architect in London

Coffey Architects understands just how crucial the roof is. We can design surfaces for any kind of building. They can be simple and effective or an aesthetic statement. We can even look at things like green technology.

So, if they want to talk to an architect, London clients can count on us. We offer the best support with every aspect of a project.