Major driveway mistakes you must avoid

Architect LondonGreat architecture doesn’t just appear. It requires skilful people to design and then build it. Often, it needs someone who will think of new strategies and ways to accomplish the client’s goals. Our team meets both of these requirements. We have spent a long time building new and interesting structures for both domestic and commercial clients. Furthermore, we can make sure the finest architect London has will be working on these projects.

One of the most important parts of many homes is the driveway. This is true whether you have a single car, several, or just want to make the external space look nice. Believe it or not though, there are several mistakes you can make when designing the space. We are going to discuss some of them below and how you can avoid them.

Too much room

Allocating too much of the garden for the driveway is one mistake. When you do this it produces an unstable setting. While you may be able to park more cars, it probably won’t do much for the aesthetics, even if you choose nice paving or a treatment like resin or pattern concrete. So, don’t let the drive consume everything, whether you have a lot of space or just a little. Give some of the area to other elements of landscaping to get a better balance.

Think about the future

Disregarding long term considerations is something else you need to avoid. A driveway is something you are not going to want to redo any time soon. Ideally you want it to last decades before it needs any attention. With that in mind you need to think about things like what materials to choose and what kind of upkeep they require.


One thing you should never do is let the cost alone drive you. Something that might appear to be a cheaper solution may not have long term appeal and significance to you. It may also cost more to install and maintain. Think about what you like, what will look great for a long time, and what will add value.

Work with a passionate architect in London

At Coffey Architects, we work hard to take ideas and give them form. Our goal is to make every space count, ensuring it has a wonderful design that is functional and great to look at. By taking a look at the projects we have done in the past, it is easy to see what kind of talent we have. You can see the passion that goes into our work too.

So, if you would like to work alongside the best architect London has, feel free to contact us. We can consult with you about anything from an entire new build plus landscaping to renovations and more.