Making your home greener

Architect LondonArchitects have a big challenge to improve the built environment around the world. One goal is to make sure that buildings are greener. This is easier when you design properties from scratch and can control every aspect of the build. However, it is trickier to make an existing building greener. There are lots of things you can do here though. As a top architect London clients rate highly, we want to take a look at some of the ways people can make their existing homes greener.

Saving water

It is amazing how much water a single home can use. More incredible is how much it can waste. Little leaks may not seem like an issue, but over time you’ll be wasting lots of water and probably be causing a lot of damage to the property. Leaving taps running can waste many litres of water over time. What you should do is fix all leaks, change your behaviour so you don’t leave taps on when it is unnecessary, and choose low water options such as toilets and shower heads.


Lights can consume a huge amount of energy. You can potentially save a lot here by switching to LEDs. You could even opt for decorating or changing your windows so you can use natural light more than relying on artificial. Most importantly, don’t leave lights on when you aren’t using a room.


Your goal should be to make sure your home uses as little energy as possible. Installing really good insulation can help in two ways. Firstly, it will trap heat inside so you don’t spend as much warming up the property. Then, on hot days, it will prevent as much heat from outside seeping in. As a result it can reduce your cooling costs too.


Whether you are a passionate gardener or not, creating your own compost is a great idea. You can save all kinds of food scraps and other waste and put it in a compost bin to break down. Once it is ready you can use it to grow flowers, plants, and even vegetables.

Green systems

There are lots of different green technologies you could choose to make your home more efficient. For example, you could harvest rainwater for watering the garden. In addition, you could choose solar panels, heat pumps, and even green roofs or walls.

Talk to an architect in London

Some changes to your home are simple and straightforward. Others you will need help. Coffey Architects has a lot of experience with renovating homes and making them much greener. At the same time, we will ensure they are comfortable for the people who live in them.

If you are looking to improve your home, contact us for help. We can talk about your ideas and offer plenty of our own. As a top architect London clients can rely on, our goal will be to ensure your get everything you want from the project. We can also help with all the important details, including getting planning permission.