Do we need to think more about storm proofing?

One thing architects around the world must do is design buildings to withstand the natural elements. In the past this was a relatively easy job in the UK. However, we have been experiencing periods of extreme weather more frequently in the last few decades. That can require a rethink. As one of the top options for an architect London has, we want to take a closer look at one of the biggest concerns here – storm proofing.


Architect LondonAs we said above, extreme weather is becoming more common in the UK. In the 20th century, major floods would happen every 15-20 years. However, today they occur every 2-5 years. The amount of rainfall we receive has increased and wet periods are lasting longer. Similarly, we get storms more frequently. This past November we had Storm Arwen, the strongest winter storm of the last decade. It was followed by another one, Storm Barra, just 11 days later.

The problem with stronger storms and them happening more frequently is it puts a lot of stress on buildings. Many of these structures were not built with this kind of weather pattern in mind. As a result, they can struggle under the pressure.

The thing to do here is look at how to design buildings with more storm proofing. There are several options, including a change in roofing designs. This can help to make the properties more aerodynamic and reduce the risk of roof damage.

Round buildings

One option here is to create more round buildings or dome roofing. Circular properties are far more aerodynamic than flat planes. The roundness will distribute the air pressure more evenly, so it provides protection against very high winds. These designs are most common in parts of the world that have to deal with hurricanes and tornadoes.

Earth shelter

Another option is to look at semi-subterranean solutions. The vast majority of buildings around the world are above ground. However, this offers little protection against the elements. Choosing earth shelter can really help. Heavy winds won’t destroy these buildings, even the roofing. They can also have better drainage solutions to withstand heavy rain.


High rise buildings have the biggest risk of storm damage because of their height. The wind can travel much faster as you get higher up. However, there are lots of options that can help to protect the properties. One is to design them with a twist to make them more aerodynamic and reduce wind load. Another is to use dampers to improve stability and stop the building rocking.

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