Possible home renovation trends for 2022

Architects LondonOne of the best things about architecture and interior design is that it is always changing. Trends come and go, tastes evolve, and new innovations emerge. As some of the top architects London can offer, we want to look at what we could see in terms of trends for 2022. So, read on to learn more about what you may want to consider for your home.

Durable materials

Many people are now working from home permanently, whether full time or for a large part of the work week. As a result, it encourages a change in material choices. More and more people will be looking to durable materials that look great and don’t require as much maintenance. This could have an impact on everything from floor covers to countertops.

Bold colours

In a similar vein, more people will be looking to improve their home decor as they adapt to spending more time at home. In previous years clean minimalist colours were the go to. However, people now know more about how different colours can influence their mood. That will likely see them move away from traditional shades and choose bolder ones. Fresh greens, oranges, and pinks will all likely be popular.


Paint has been a dominant choice for walls for many years now. But, 2022 could bring a huge boom in the number of people choosing wallpaper instead. It is likely to be popular due to the fact it gives more opportunities to celebrate the personality and tastes of inhabitants. There is plenty of choice, including bold patterns. These will probably be the most popular in 2022.

Home offices

Going back to the point about more people working from home, one of the major trends for this year will be investments in creating more permanent offices. For many it will require a change in function of one or two rooms. For example, it may mean changing a guest bedroom so it can serve both functions. The goal should be to create a workspace that feels more permanent and comfortable rather than sitting at a dining table or the corner of another room. That will be important for productivity and wellbeing.

Natural and outdoor spaces

One trend that seems to come around every year is a push to make homes greener and also make better use of outdoor spaces. In 2022 there will be even bigger growth here. Expect to see a boom in people doing more with gardens. This could include turning them into spaces for hosting when the weather is nice. Things like awnings, fire pits, outdoor seating, and even outdoor cooking facilities will all likely be popular.

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