Reshaping projects to improve sustainability

Architects have a really great opportunity to be leaders in projects and ensure they are sustainable. They can work with all kinds of clients to help make properties better and more resilient. It can take work but the end result will be much better. If you want to work with leading architects, London has few better than us. Our team can take the lead on your work and bring your brief to life.


Architects LondonSome architects will talk to clients with a good idea of their project in mind. In some cases they will even have an entire design ready. It is situations like this where the architect may need to do the most work to reshape the project. For example they could suggest using different materials, introducing different building systems, and even adapt the size and shape of spaces. The goal here should be to show the client how changes can help to make a building even better.

The thing to keep in mind is that clients may have done a lot of work already on their designs. However, they may not have considered everything. Architects have more experience to share and can offer alternative solutions for various parts of the project. This could be a simple change to materials or a whole redesign.

The goal should be to educate the client and ensure they think about the future of the property. This can help to make the project more sustainable.

Architects should also explain how changes can help to save costs on a project. Making a building more sustainable doesn’t naturally mean it needs a bigger investment to build it. In fact, there could be excellent short and long term savings. For example there are materials like modern composites that are easier and cheaper to work with. This can reduce building costs.

Architects London

If you have a project and want us to have a look at it to see if it is possible to improve the sustainability, get in touch. We have experience working on all kinds of projects, including private homes, offices, shops, and libraries. In each case we can prioritise using the right materials and systems to make the buildings green and sustainable.

We are very proud to be one of the top architects London has. Have a look at our website to see some of our work and to learn more about us.