Think about driveway trees, shrubbery and accessories

Coffey Architects exists to assist clients with achieving everything you desire from a project. What you will require shall depend on the kind of structure you are dealing with. It could be a new residential property for example, or a commercial or public building. Whatever the case, we will have the top architects London has work alongside you to help you succeed.

When constructing a new home, one area you have to think about is the driveway. This is more than merely a convenient place for off the road parking. It gives you the chance to make an excellent first impression for your property. Not to mention, they add value when you intend to sell. There is a lot to think about when designing one. In this post, we will be covering some of the most interesting final design elements.


Architects LondonFirstly, there are trees and shrubbery. Greenery is a wonderful way for you to make the front of your home more private. However, you need to remember that any driveway excavation could damage utility cables and pipes. This is why you need a top tier contractor or designer. They will offer you advice on how to correctly plant shrubs and trees that won’t send roots into your driveway and utilities to undermine them.

You also need to think about the impact on the driveway surface and vehicles. Some surfaces will be prone to staining, particularly from leaves if you don’t clean them up quickly. They could also harm your vehicles. You need to plan for things like this to ensure you choose the right greenery.


You will also need to think about using driveway accessories. You’ll discover that there are numerous ways to transform your driveway into an entrance that is nothing short of inviting. For example, you can have lighting built in utilising LED lights. Alternatively, you can install a collection of lights into your kerb. Also, with the kerbs, there are options out there that suit every taste.

Talk to the top architects in London about how to enhance your driveway

At Coffey Architects, we make sure that every part of your building works properly, including the driveway. We pay attention to everything; even places you might not consider to be that important. With the right amount of care and a good design, you can turn your property into something incredibly impressive.

So, if you would like to work alongside the most skilled architects London has, please give us a call. We’ll give you all the support you could need, including with planning permission. The latter can be very important with some driveways as areas can have protection to limit what you can do.